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Unique Barrel Lock Keys

Find useful information on the barrel lock key. This specially designed key is specifically manufactured to work with a barrel lock. The barrel lock is also sometimes called a cylinder lock. Our expert staff of customer service representatives can guide you through the purchasing process when you are in the market for a certain model and type of barrel lock key. Finding the exact barrel lock meter key is sometimes confusing, that is why we go out of our way to give you expert guidance during this process. Utility technicians and electrical contractors should be cautioned that using the wrong or mismatched key for a given barrel lock can cause the lock and/or key to become damaged and non-functional.


The Electric Meter Key

While meter keys are intended to work with a wide variety of utility meters, the electrical meter application is perhaps one of the most common today. Electrical contractors and technicians call upon when they require the right meter key for an electrical meter box or circuit breaker box. Finding the right electrical meter tool for the task at hand means never having to experience delays and job slow-downs. Electrical technicians and contractors know that a job delay can cost their business money. We have the device you need.


The Gas Meter Key

The gas meter key is another unique application for the versatile and tough barrel lock meter key and locking combination. Gas utilities use the barrel lock or cylinder lock to routinely lock out gas utilities for safety reasons and for bill non-payment. Those working with gas meters should be cautious to always use the appropriate key for the barrel lock they are working with on a given job. Using the wrong key usually spells trouble for workers. The right barrel lock key tool for gas utilities can save you time and effort. Locks, pins and tools - we have it.

The Water Meter Tool 

Another vital tool for unique barrel lock applications is the meter key designed to work with barrel locks installed on water meters. Water utility companies use the cylinder lock to lock out water for safety or maintenance related reasons. Technicians should always take the time to verify that they are matching the exact meter key to the lock they are working with on a specific job. Most of the time a barrel lock will have an identifying number located somewhere on the lock that enables the expert staff of to find the right key or tool for your job needs. Customers are encouraged to take a photo of the lock they are working with or write down this identifying number to make finding the right matching tool easier. 


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